Game | Get the Treasure!

Game | Get the Treasure!

Game Created by Jaya S

Code Ninjas - IMPACT

IMPACT is the beating heart of the Dojo is the soul of Code Ninjas. It is our proprietary learning platform designed to give our Ninjas the best learning environment possible. It does so much more than just teach your child to code - it helps develop key skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills.

Learning With Block-Based Code

During White & Yellow belts, your child will learn coding concepts and begin developing projects through easy to use block based coding in Microsoft MakeCode!


Jaya S created this game as part of the Build Activity of Level 7 on White Belt!

Jaya S's Game

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During IMPACT, your child will learn a variety of coding concepts - and earn “Achievements” to show off their progress! Ninjas will earn hundreds of individual Achievements throughout their coding journey!

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