Hack-o-Lantern 2023

Hack-o-Lantern 2023

Code Ninjas presents… Hack-o-lantern Hack-a-thon ~Coding for Good!


Calling all Code Ninjas! Get ready for an electrifying coding adventure at our “Hack-o-lantern Hack-a-thon”, where young tech enthusiasts can embark on a thrilling journey of creativity and innovation. But this year, it’s not just about coding for the sake of it - we’re coding for a great cause! In collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, this Hack-a-thon will not only challenge your coding skills but also help make a positive impact on the lives of young children.

Coding for Good!

In the world of Code Ninjas, it’s not just about mastering coding languages and building fantastic games; it’s also about using those skills to make a difference. That’s why, this year, we’re proud to partner with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Your child’s participation in this event will not only enhance their coding skills but will also contribute to a great cause - supporting the critical work of children’s hospitals and helping young lives.

Event Details

Here are the essential details for the “Hack-o-lantern Hack-a-thon”:

Date & Time:

October 28th, from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Entry Fee:

A modest fee of £10 is encouraged for registration (but not mandatory for our very own ninjas!), and all proceeds will go to Extra Life, a part of the Children’s Miracle Network that supports children’s hospitals.

Our Ninjas are welcome to bring in their siblings of the age 6+ to the event with a small donation of £10 to GOSH!


The Hack-a-thon is open to all enrolling ninjas at any Code Ninjas locations. Ninjas will have one hour to code an original project in MakeCode Arcade, using any of the three available coding languages: Blocks, JavaScript, or Python.

Creative Start:

We’ll provide all participating ninjas with a project prompt and starter code/assets to help jumpstart their creative projects.

Playoff Competition:

After the coding session, all participating ninjas will take part in a bracket-style Playoff Competition to select the top project for the Regional competition.

Win Prizes in our Dojo!

The Top three games in our dojo will be awarded:

First Prize:

£75 + Amazon Kindle

Second Prize:


Third Prize:


Games will be graded based on character design, creativity and effort!

The top three games will also be carried forward to the Regional competition. The first-place winner in the Regional Competition will receive a Drone, the second-place winner will get a Nintendo Switch, and the third-place winner will receive a Goody box directly from Code Ninjas Home Office!

Partnered with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

By participating in the “Hack-o-lantern Hack-a-thon,” you’re not only nurturing your coding skills but also making a significant contribution to children’s healthcare. Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity is known for its outstanding work in providing critical research, treatments, and healthcare services to children. By supporting this cause, we aim to create a positive impact on the lives of young children who need our help the most.


At Code Ninjas, we believe that coding can be both fun and meaningful. The “Hack-o-lantern Hack-a-thon” is your chance to prove that coding skills can make a difference. Join us in this exciting journey of coding, creativity, and charity. Let’s code for good and make this world a better place one line of code at a time!

Click here to Donate to GOSH

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